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What about the boys?

One of the most common questions we hear at A Step Ahead is “What are you doing about the guys?” When it comes to pregnancy, well, it takes two. In our GirlTalk program, we work to teach teen girls about healthy relationships, self-esteem, puberty and reproductive health, and abstinence and pregnancy prevention. We’re excited to announce that over the last few months we’ve introduced a new program: GuyTalk. Similar to our GirlTalk program, we talk with young men about the importance of healthy relationships, taking care of your body, self-esteem, and how to talk with your partner about pregnancy prevention. We’ve partnered with male medical students from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center who act as mentors and role models for teen boys. These volunteers partner with our Outreach Representatives to lead the sessions. We’re excited about this new program to encourage positive health, education, and economic outcomes for young men in Memphis.


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